Sheep shearing is the process by which the woollen fleece of a sheep is cut off. There are fewer and fewer shearers in Hungary nowadays.

In “Palócföld” (Hungary) at the end of a little village there is a crumbling sheep barn, where nearly 200 lamb was waiting for the shearer from the neighboring village in May, 2015.

Long ago in this region women were gathered together to do this work which requires heavy physical strength.

A few decades ago the so-called blade shears were used to shear: today shearers often work with a special machine.

If the sheep are seated on their rump they barely able to move. So even quintal copies can be shorn securely.

From the number and length of the teeth we can determine the age of the lamb. There are even 10-year-old sheeps in the flock.

Nowadays in Hungary it is not worth to breed lambs on for the wool: the income is just enough to cover the cost of shearing.

This is how the shearer brigade had lunch after the tiring work.