Wheelwright, as a profession is rather disappearing nowadays.

I visited one of the last professional in a small village in the northern part of Hungary (Europe).

Countless times I passed in front of his sign but only now I really noticed it.

The workhouse consists of two parts. On the left there is the still working saw and the right part is for the finer worksteps.

He was taught by his father for the profession. There is not a sentence in which he does not give respect towards his parents.

Although he doesn’t work for orders any more due to bad health, he still gladly and enthusiastically tells everything to the visitors about his profession.

The more than 100-year-old tools still function perfectly.

There are only questions: where is the knowledge we have gained and our predecessors have successfully been using? Who will take this workhouse? Will there be anyone who can appreciate all these?

I took this photo series in June, 2014. That very year, in October he passed away.

Rest in peace.